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First imagine after a long time! Enjoy :)



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I’m done with my tumblr break!

So as many of you know, I haven’t been on tumblr for a loooong time (since summer or little later) and now I’m back to amuse you with my Josh Devine imagines! :) Hope you will love new sets, backgrounds & ideas for my imagines. Also feel free to submit imagines or ideas in “SUBMIT” area. x

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aliiann said:
Where have you gone!?

I’m finally back! I was on tumblr break for so long, I didn’t realised I totally abandonded my poor blogs. I will come up with new imagines in no time! :)

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Anonymous said:
so i have been looking for really good josh devine imagines and they are hard to find until i found yours and i really like them and they are really good. :)

well thanks sweetie :D xo

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This is personal imagine Anna x

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Back on track.

I’m just gonna install the thing that I’m making imagines with and I can do one imagine.

Message me if you want any personal imagines. x

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Im sorry if I don’t post so much imagines..

My laptop broke and it will take me time to install things I need and stuff.. I’ll probably post normally on tuesday.

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